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Palma de Mallorca Cathedral “La Seu “

The most beautiful monument of the island and a symbol of the city of Palma is called La Seu, and officially Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca located on the shores of the Bay of Palma, looking out to sea on the walls.

Catedral de Mallorca is a fascinating Gothic monument built between the thirteenth and fourteenth century, which was in the twentieth century under reconstruction by nothing more and nothing less than the talent of the architect of modernism, the world-famous Antonio Gaudi. Visible from almost any point of the city, this great building built of Golden sandstone is one of the highest Gothic structures of Europe and an absolutely essential monument on any visit to the island.

Some details of the Cathedral of Palma Mallorca

Inside, the Cathedral of Mallorca is distributed in three buildings of different heights topped by three chapels staggered in rectangular profile and holds nine bells in its tower. It stands out as one of the tallest cathedrals of Europe and for having the largest rosette Gothic cathedrals of Europe which is known as “Gothic eye”. Also, they stand out for their beauty and grandeur doors la puerta Mayor y la puerta Mirador. One of the most important shrines is the la Capilla Real, la Capilla de la Trinidad y sus 87 ventanales, which fill with light and color inside the temple, giving an atmosphere of spirituality, mysticism and grandeur. Inside are the tombs of two kings of Mallorca, Jaime II and Jaime III.

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