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Es Trenc

Es Trenc beach in Mallorca is one of the most famous, beautiful and recommended beaches in Mallorca if you are going to visit Mallorca. Also, as you can imagine, it is one of the most visited. With its crystal clear waters and fine sand, it is an excellent plan during the summer to spend a day at the beach.
Es Trenc beach begins just after the Ses Covetes area, another truly spectacular site with white sand, clear waters that invite you to swim, and a beach bar. In a certain way, we could say that it is similar to Es Trenc, but less popular, and therefore less crowded.

The Es Trenc sandbank is almost 3000 meters long, with 3 zones, in this order from Ses Covetes:

  • Arenal den Tem
  • Arenal den Tenc
  • Es Trenc beach, this area being the closest to Colonia de Sant Jordi.

There are no defined areas. All of them are distinguished by being a totally virgin area, with its dune system, fine white sands and crystal clear waters.

Surely the main thing will be swimming and sunbathing. Although a little further down we give you some other recommendations of things to do on Es Trenc beach. If your main motivation is simply to sunbathe, you should bear in mind that you will not find shaded areas on the beach, unless you rent one of the sunbeds and umbrellas. The price is about €15. So, consider bringing your own umbrella.

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