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Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo is a natural harbor and charming fishing village in the eastern region of Mallorca. 

Although in the past it was the busy port that served Manacor, today Porto Cristo is a quiet holiday destination. Its name comes from the times of the Christian reoccupation of the island, in the year 1260 AD. and means Port of Christ.
Porto Cristo was also the only town in Mallorca to take part in the Spanish civil war, when it was captured by the Republicans in 1936.

Today, Porto Cristo retains the charm of its traditional origins, with old stone houses, gleaming white chalets and a flotilla of boats in the harbor. And the recent addition of a marina makes Porto Cristo suitable for modern boat owners too.

A walk through the village leads to the beautiful statue of a mermaid, on the street of Saint George or to the old Torre des Falcons, a watchtower from 1577, which stands on a hidden cave. In the Plaza del Carmen is the church of the Mare de Déu del Carme, in honor of the patron saint of sailors.

Once you''ve wandered the streets and savored the local cuisine, it''s easy to relax on the beach and admire the rugged coastline. Porto Cristo is not a destination with a great nightlife, which makes it ideal for families and couples looking to rest and relax.

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